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About Us

After 10+ years of extensive research and collaboration with Attar artisans
Levent® proudly introduces a collection of ultra-luxe Oud Fragrances.
These Fragrances are based with 100% pure Oud oil in their most purest and highest concentration.
This gives these fragrances an incomparable depth and longevity on skin.
LEVENT combines the traditional aspects of the Oriental perfumery with contemporary ideas.
My passion is to innovate and create new types of fragrances that excite your senses.

A native Dutch, born to a Turkish mother and father.
Levent Gunduz has a long history of experience in the luxury fashion retail industry,
inspired by the Oriental Oud perfume culture he started the luxury brand LEVENT®
LEVENT® products are modern, bold and classic with a twist.
Available for men and women, founder Levent Gunduz channels his Turkish heritage,
fashion and design background into his unique products.

Oud is the base of all of Levent perfume creations. Oud is harvested from
Agarwood of the Aquilaira tree, found primarily in Southeast Asia.
Agarwood is one of the most expensive perfume ingredients in the world.
In the Middle East and Asia, it has been used for centuries.

Authentic Oud can be found in only the most luxurious fragrances.
In line of Levent’s philosophy we use several types of genuine Oud oil, adding richness
and incomparable depth to ours perfumes, which are one of the finest in the world.

The luxurious handmade bottles are designed by Levent Gunduz himself,
artisan marble cutters use traditional technique to make our beautiful marble plaque’s.

Tradition and heritage mean a lot to us, which is
why we continue to work closely in partnership with our suppliers.

"We promise uncompromising quality, exceptional service."